Sunday, May 20, 2012

April & May MyGlam bags

I know I'm super late on posting April's myglam bag so I figured I'd include it in this post.  These 2 bags are better then what we got for the February and March Glam bags but despite that, it still leaves something more to be desired.

The theme of April's bag was girls night out which came in this pink metallic bag. Not my style as it seems like it was for a teenager and it was cheaply made. I had trouble trying to zip it back up but the zipper kept getting stuck.
I received :
Urban Decay 24/7 travel sized liner in Radium- This was a good sample, I was going to purchase a bright blue liner anyways but I wouldn't say these are long lasing on my oily lids.
All-Belle lashes- These lashes were alright but I wouldn't repurchase them anyways but if I did, I'd have to order them online since they don't sell them in the US.
DermStore Lip Quench-I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's a nice color to wear everyday but it's so hard to squeeze the product out.
Myglam brushes-All over eyeshadow brush and angled liner brush- These are not the best brushes but they work fine.

May's Myglam bag theme was Love is in the air. Not sure how they got that since it's May and the contents of the bag seemed like it would be more suitable for February. The bag seems better then April's bag but still not something I would use.
I received:
Studio Gear Complete color Lipstick in Winter Red- It was a decent color but I'm not big on wearing red lipstick. I think a lip gloss would of been a better option for the bag since its usually easier to wear if it was a bold color or not. I just gave this to my mom so that's not going to waste.
Philosophy Love Sweet Love eau de toilette sample- I actually like how this smells but I can get a sample of this at Sephora or Ulta
Miss Beauty Nail Bling- I never got into the nail sticker thing like those Sally Hansen ones which are cute but these seem cheesy and juvenile. I tried to Google this brand but nothing came up. So even if I wanted to purchase more, I can't.
Myglam brushes-Concealer brush and eye defining brush- Again, not the best brushes and these are the type that just gets tossed to the side and collect dust. If anything, I can use them as lip brushes.

I've been with MyGlam since the very first bag back in December and had no issues with not recieving a bag like some people did in January. I wanted to give them a chance since it's still a new company.  I know a lot of people bashed on them so much but there are bound to be mistakes when you're just starting out. That's just how it is. I stuck with them even after the not so great stuff in February and March's bags with the coupon codes they tried to pass off as gift certificates and the samples that were far from being deluxe sized samples, hoping for improvement and they did somewhat but I thought the whole point of a subscription or sampling service is to try out products first given that the products were well known and easily accessible. The brushes you can't get anywhere else but on myglams website if you wanted them. The lashes in last months bag would have to be ordered online and I can't even find any info on the Miss Beauty Nail Bling. It just seems like they aren't putting much thought into what they put in the bag.

Did I keep my subscription? No. I'm sure or at least I hope they will only get better but for now I just decided to cancel and save my money for something else.


  1. sounds like the MyGlam bags are a bust! thanks for the review!

  2. overall i think the products are pretty nice except for the brushes...thanks for sharing ^_^~

  3. Sorry the bag didn't work out. Surely you'll find something better.


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